Fright Nights in Vancouver


We were looking for a Halloween scare.

Heading to Vancouver at the end of October and looking for some freaky fun, we stopped in at the PNE.

The amusement park was dressed up for Fright Nights, complete with haunted houses, actors playing ghouls and lots and lots of fog to make the walk throughout the grounds spooky.

Our thoughts on the event after the jump.

Not being a tremendous fan of all things that give you chills, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Fright Night. Walking through the front gate, you are greeted by a mannequin hanging from a noose – and this is only the welcome mat for the evening’s fun.

After getting our tickets scanned, the first impression of the PNE was spooky. Knowing that you’re heading into a horror-themed amusement park will do that though.

The evening’s fun consisted of the usual rides at the PNE, as well as seasonal haunted houses and actors in get-ups so well done that you had to look twice at to tell if it was make up and a costume, or whether something was horribly wrong.

Fright Night had a fraction of the amount of people that it would normally host on the night we strolled in, which made the lines much shorter in comparison. It would be difficult to decorate a ride for such a theme and still have it function in a 100 per cent safe manner; the gates were decorated but the rides remained intact.

The beer garden was a nice touch with cobwebs everywhere, mannequins littering some of the seats and a horror film being projected onto the wall. The employees and actors of the PNE did an excellent job, and it would be worth it to go again next year.

The highlights of my night were going on the ferris wheel and the roller coaster.

In comparison to my past experience with amusement rides at roll-in carnivals and Tinkertown, I was blown away. The Ferris wheel was terrific for a stunning view of night time Vancouver. Which is not to say that I saw everything in detail and was in complete awe, but the lights of the city, seeing all of the PNE from atop was something else and completely enjoyable.

Going on the roller coaster was a different story. David convinced me to take off my glasses and after some haggling I did. Let me clarify that this was my first time on a roller coaster and I had no idea what to expect except that I really hoped this didn’t turn out like something from Final Fantasy. The safety harness locked and within two corners, the glasses flew off of some unfortunate man seated ahead of us. Point to David. The only way to really describe how it was to be on a roller coaster for the first time is that it was entirely thrilling. Would I be scared to do it again? Yes, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

So long story short, had my first bus ride in Vancouver and got spooked at the PNE. Entirely worth it.



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