Hiking the Spion Kop trail

When you make it to the summit of Spion Kop in the Lake Country, it’s like being on top of the Okanagan.

The name Spion Kop is Dutch for “Look out hill.” From the top you can see Okanagan Lake on one side and Wood Lake on the other. It’s a beautiful view of the Valley.

Below are some pictures we took while hiking the trail. Also, scroll to the bottom for a pdf of the trail, which is available in brochure format at the trail head, and directions on how to get there. The driving directions are in the brochure.

photo 1We’re still smiling after making it to the top.

photo 1(1)The trails were well maintained in parts, but in others, it was challenging trying to navigate the loose rocks. Parts of the trail were clearly chewed up by ATV riders and dirt bikers.

photo 2Our dog Odin had a long nap after we got home.

photo 2(1) photo 4This truly is a million-dollar view. What an amazing place to live.

photo 5 photoClick the image below for the full trail guide.

Walking trails– DW


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