Bluetail Sushi & Bistro


Before going to Bluetail, I had heard many people rave about the food. Easily persuaded, if someone says a certain restaurant is good, I will eventually make my way there. While they don’t have an actual website, they do have Facebook and Twitter. Also found on UrbanSpoon, they have a damn good rating. Why wouldn’t I go… eventually? A while back they had a Groupon available, and I just happen to have a love affair with buying Groupons. So there it was, the perfect opportunity.

Bluetail Sushi & Bistro is located just off of Highway 97 at 102-1675 Commerce Avenue. Bluetail was recently nominated on Okanagan Life as some of the best sushi in Kelowna. Best of Kelowna 2014 according to Kelowna Now hasn’t yet been announced, but I’m sure it’ll be listed there also. 

Walking into Bluetail, the place was very nearly full. Waitstaff was quick to greet and seat us, and soon after we had water and menus to start. Looking over the menu, it seemed like the best bang for buck would be to get the lunch combo. We were out for lunch with a $20 credit, it was fitting. The lunch combination offered a miso or clear soup, and two basic rolls for $12. Perfect. I ordered a mild miso soup, dynamite roll and black California roll. The food arrived SO FAST.

Miso is miso is miso is miso. My soup tasted like soup. Spot on. I was a little disappointed because normally I tend to find that dynamite rolls are spicy, but mine was lacking in heat. It tasted like a regular roll, still tasty but not with any kind of spice or heat. The black California roll was something else. Black rice was used, so it was a sort of Dalmatian look to it, and it tasted great!

I am no food connoisseur, I know what I like and that’s that. This I liked.

– RM


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